(Reminder: please note that the information contained here is likely to be out-of-date. If you are considering admitting your child to the school, you must get the latest admission policy/procedure by contacting the school office. -- ed)


We register only children who are at least seven years old. No weightage is given for early registration. Parents need to apply during the year prior to the academic year for which they seek admission for their wards.

The entry points into the School are classes IV, VI and VII, at the ages 8+, 10+ and 11+ respectively. We do not normally admit children into classes higher than class VII and we do not have classes lower than class IV. Admissions into classes V, VIII and IX are typically considered only when there are withdrawals of students from these classes.

We have only a few places for outside students for the "Plus Two" ISC (12) course because we have our own students, approximately fifty in number, from the ICSE (10) class to consider. Of this number, some twenty-five or so are admitted to the Plus Two programme. We also admit a few students from our sister institutions at Bangalore, Madras and Varanasi. This therefore leaves us with a very limited number of seats to offer to outside candidates and of necessity it has to be done on a highly selective basis. The candidates for selection to the Plus Two course are interviewed after their Board examinations are over, which is typically in the third-week of March each year.

Correspondence regarding admissions for an academic year commencing in mid-June of a particular year will be considered only between 1st August and 30th November of the preceding year. A pre-registration questionnaire form is available on payment from the School Office during this period; it should reach the School Office, duly filled in, not later than l5th December.

In early January, these Questionnaire Forms are examined by a Selection Committee and a shortlist produced of those candidates who will be called for a formal test and interview. The parents or guardians of the shortlisted candidates are asked to fill in a formal Application Form and mail it to the school.

Registration of the application form is no guarantee of admission. The registered children are invited for a formal test and interview, typically conducted in February/March of each year. The written tests are in English and Mathematics only. There is also an oral interview at which the parents or guardians are expected to be present. The tests conducted are meant to assess the child's aptitude, comprehension capacity, computational skills and so on; they are of a fairly general nature and there is no prescribed syllabus as such. The standard of the test would correspond approximately with that of the class the child has just completed. Admission offers are made in early April; the parents or guardians of selected candidates are notified of the date on which the children are to he brought for admission.

The School is closed for a five-week winter vacation during October and November and for a ten-week summer vacation during April, May and June. All boarders are required to go home during the holidays. At the end of the term, travel groups are arranged, escorted by staff members, to Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Hyderabad, Madras, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam. Similar arrangements are made for travel groups to return to the school from the above-mentioned places. Parents or guardians have to make their own arrangements to receive and to see off children at the relevant stations.

Rishi Valley School
Rishi Valley
Chittoor District
Andhra Pradesh - 517 352

Rishi Valley is situated about 16 kilometres North of Madanapalle in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. To reach Rishi Valley from Madanapalle one can either hire a taxi or ring up the School and ask for the School transport.

The nearest airports are Bangalore, Tirupati and Madras.

Madanapalle can be directly reached by road from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madras, Tirupati and Cuddapah.

From Bangalore (125 Kms.):
The road route runs via Hoskote, Chintamani, and Madanapalle.
a) Buses every hour to Madanapalle from the Kalasapalayam bus stand, Bangalore.
b) Express buses to Cuddapah, Proddatur and Tirupati (via Madanapalle), some starting from the Kalasapalyam bus-stand and some from the KSRTC bus-stand.

From Hyderabad (625 Kms.):
a) Overnight bus to Madanapalle; also, a bus to Chittoor via Madanapalle.
b) The Venkatadri Express from Secunderabad to Tirupati halts at the Madanapalle Road station.

From Madras (265 Kms.):
The road route runs via Vellore, Chittoor, Palamaner, and Madanapalle.
a) Direct APSRTC Express buses.
b) Madras to Chittoor and Chittoor to Madanapalle, with a change of bus.
c) Madras to Katpadi by train and Katpadi to Madanapalle by bus.

From Tirupati (110 Kms.):
Buses every hour during the day.

From Cuddapah (125 Kms.):
Buses every hour during the day.

From Bombay:
One can either travel via Bangalore (the Udyan Express) or catch a Madras train (e.g., the Dadar Madras Express) and alight at Cuddapah.

Limited accommodation is available at Rishi Valley School. Parents/guardians may come and stay at the guest house after receiving prior confirmation from the School. The limitation of space means that the periods of stay need to be limited to a three-day stretch and the frequency of visits limited to one per term.

Please contact the school for this information.